Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How to Get People to Like Your Facebook Status.The last and most important rule to getting comments and likes on your status is by reciprocating.

One of the most popular social media sites these days is Facebook and it is easy to see why since most of our friends and family members all have accounts there. With over 760 million plus users it is no wonder Facebook is so popular. One of the biggest obstacles many Facebook users face each day is what to write on their wall as well as getting comments and likes on them. Some people write news or gossip on their wall. Others like to post songs, while some write and post just about anything.

Whatever the case may be for you one of the best things about having a good status on Facebook is the amount of comments and likes that you get. While some people may not care whether or not someone likes their statuses at all there are others who do. If you are one of those people that want to know how to get people to like your Facebook status then here are some great tips that will show just how to manage that.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure you find and use good or great status updates to post on your wall. There are sites that are dedicated to helping you get a good status each day. Most of us work and are always on the go and do not have all the time in the world to come up with clever and witty statuses to post on our Facebook all the time. That is where sites like these can be very helpful.

While having a great and awesome status is a good way to get comments and likes, it is not always guaranteed that you will get some if you post one though. This can also depend on what time you decide to post your status on your wall. If you post a great status on a Friday or Saturday it is less likely to get comments and likes as if you posted the same one on a weekday. Remember that on the weekends people tend to go out and be less attentive or log on less to social media sites. Be sure to save what you consider to be a great status for the weekdays.

Be sure you never post your statuses too late at night or too early as well. Remember that the news feed is constantly being updated so when you post something it can be buried right away with all of your other friends and family status updates.

Adding a few symbols, text art or ASCII characters will also make your status stand out from the rest. This is one of the best guaranteed ways to get comments and likes. There are some sites that contain text art symbols and all you need to do is simply copy & paste them into your wall or comment.

The last and most important rule to getting comments and likes on your status is by reciprocating. This means that if you want people to comment on your status then you must also do so on theirs. You want people to like your status? Well you have to like theirs as well. This doesn't mean you have to click on the like button of every status out there. Just the ones that you feel are nice enough to warrant a like. This will get them to notice and like yours when you post it.

If you follow these simple suggestions then you should get many likes and comments on your next status update. Now that you know how to get people to like your Facebook status the next step is to find a good one to help you get some likes and comments.
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